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Interview with Arturo Borges, Vice-president of Propfolio management, a tech driven asset & property management firm with roughly a billion dollar in AUM and a long experience of more than 40 years

Propfolio Management has for goal to offer a full service to the investor by both managing the daily tasks & operation of the property also referred as the property management aspect of the equation and to also manage the asset which

is the more sophisticated part of the equation consisting of adding and creating value to the property.

Propfolio management is also known for its tech driven management by having developed a unique technology in real estate which gives a 24/7 live update about the property to the investor, by showing statistics, maintenance update, value of the property, rent increased & comps just to name a few in order to better execute the plan put in place by both the investor and the management firm and so maximize as much as possible the value of the property.

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