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Interview with Mike Morawski.

Mike since a very young age was interested in business and real estate in particular, as a young kid he was amazed by the fact that people paid money to an owner to stay in their place and from that moment on, he knew that he wanted to be a real estate investor.

He started his career in the construction business but quickly shifted to the real estate business, he started as a real estate agent and sold

78 single-families in just the first 9 months.

Having worked with large syndicators, he then decided to transition to the multifamily investment side and here again he was able to raise 18million dollars of private equity money in just 3 years (2005-2008) and bought more than 60millions worth of real estate.

However when the 2008 crisis came around vacancies, unpaid rents increased and Mike was unable to pay back his investors, which led his businesses to be in jeopardy. In this interview he talk to us on what he would have done different in order to not face this situation including being more aware of the economic climate, not scaling your business too fast, being careful of not over leveraging your investments.

He has since then wrote 2 books, including one called "Exit Plan" where he talks about the important of having an exit plan before buying a property.

Mike is still actively investing in multifamilies, listen to this interview to learn the best places to invest and also in what type of multifamily he decided to specialize in.

Mike contact:

e-mail: mike@mycoreintentions.com

website: www.MyCoreIntentions.com

Ebook download: www.MyCoreIntentions.com/exitplan


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reporter: Tugdual Chitrit