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Interview with Robert Anthony,

Robert Anthony is the founder & Principal Partner at Anthony & Cie, a multi-family office specialized in international Tax, Wealth & Property Planning with a speciality of working with international clients for both foreign investors & French expats.

In this interview, we talk about the French real estate market from different angles: the incentives of investing in France from a tax

incentive perspective, the attractivity that France brings for investors..

 We also dive in on what was the market looking like pre-crisis and how has the market been afftected during & post crisis with the major factors & changes of lifestyle coming into play (remote working, online shopping...)

Before investing, choosing the right location for your future investment is key, which is why Robert advises us on what places in France to invest from an investor's standpoint 

Robert Anthony

Principal Partner at Anthony & Cie (Multi Family Office)

Phone: +33(0) 4 93 65 32 23