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Interview with Tom Conway, Chief Executive Officer of the EU Family Office.

Tom Conway has been involved in business for more than 45 years, originally an accountant he has been involved as an international consultant and project manager with various companies and family-offices 

The EU Family Office is involved in many different sectors including technology, real estate, sustainable housing, satellite developments and also

renewable energies. Its main development areas are Europe, Africa & the Middle East with other expansions plans in the near future.

One of its important development strategies its is use of Public Private Partnerships, an innovative way of financing in the public & also private sector

The EU Family Office is also actively assisting the development of MeterValue in Europe, Africa & the Middle East. MeterValue is  a platform connecting real estate investors, agents, developers...around the world

Tom Conway contact:

Dublin office: +353-1-4429864 (08.00-20.00)

Wexford office: +353-53-9191403 (09.30-16.00 GMT)

MOBILE: +353-874565554 (Whatshapp & Signal)